Clivia plant care

Clivia plants like bright areas but not full sunlight, they are best grown in a south facing window at a position where they recieve direct sun only until 10:00 am. 

Clivia plants if taken care of are EXTREMELY long lived, they can easilly live for over 100 years.

They like temperatures of 70 degrees+ and must not be subjected to temperatures below 45 - 50 degrees. They grow normally outdoors all year around in zones 9 and hotter.

Repot the plants into pots or outdoors (in areas permitting) with rich well draining soil. theese plants have fat tuborous roots and should be given pots 1/2 the width of the plant foliage and 1/3-1/2 the height of the plant.

Water plants after the soil becomes dry, a good way to tell is by lifting the plant, if the soil is dry and the plant feels light to lift (lift by the pot not the actual plant) it needs water. too much water will rot and kill the plant, but neglecting watering it will result first in the yellowing of the leaves then shortly after it will die. drain off any standing water if you accidently give them too much. Usually watering them once a week is sufficiant.

Clivia's growth season is from spring through fall, about 6 months. Lightly fertilize about once a month. Young plants take about 3-4 years to start flowering, and 7 years before producing seed pods.
In colder climates after the temperature starts falling below 50 degrees at night Clivia plants needs to be brought indoors and be given a rest period of 12 -14 weeks with little water and no fertilizing, but don't let the foliage yellow. A good rule of thumb is to water them lightly every 2 weeks. Move them to the coolest room of your house (above 45 degrees tho).

When your plant finally decides to produce seed pods they will be green, let them ripen on the plant, this in itself takes about 1 year, at which time they will turn red. 

 Finally the seed pods will start sprouting roots and at this time they can be picked. If you don't pick them at this time the roots will push the seed pods off the plant and you may loose them unless they are outdoors, in which case they will grow naturally. 
Use a large shallow container and fill it with 50% coarse sand and 50% potting mix and place the seed pods with the roots down and the bloom scar facing up. (Just like when they came off the plant) Bury them only 1/2 way. Give them one good watering and then let them completely dry out before watering them again. 

 The 'fruit' will soon discolor to a brownish gold color and the leaves will start to emerge within a month and the fruit will dry up. Leave the fruit part there as it helps to feed the young plants. There is usually at least 2 plants or more in each seed pod. When the leaves are about 2 centimeters tall the plants can be carefully dug up with a table spoon and can be seperated and repotted. 

Altho the roots are tough try not to touch them as they have small delicate 'feeder hairs' on them. At this stage to about 2 years old you will be able to tell which plants will produce the rare yellow and peach colored blooms, look at the stem sheeth under the leaves, if it is purple or dark colored you will get the normal range of coloring in the flowers.
But if the stem sheeth is green, these plants will produce the rare and sought after yellow or peach flowers.
This happens with about 2% of all the seeds grown from each harvest.

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