Crystal Pyramid

Crystal Pyramid video game released for Android and Windows!
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Crystal Pyramid

Play as the monsters inside a crystal pyramid and defeat any would be heros that wander into your realm! The crystal pyramid, a foreboding structure built ages ago by an alien race. Originally it was built to train adolescents to overcome their fears and weaknesses. Millenia ago the pyramid took on a life of it's own, that eventually killed all that entered it's inner realm until the entire race of the Centaurians were allmost wiped out. It would beckon and lure anyone who came upon it promising wealth, power, fame, whatever the victim most desired it promised to bestow upon them. But once trapped inside it was only a matter of time until all of the victims met their gruesome fates. Until one day, one of the few remaining Centurians managed to subdue the mysterious force and banished it and the pyramid to a distant world, that world is Earth! You are the evil force! You fight as the monsters! Defeat the hereos!

This is a fairly easy game to play and pass the time, You are pretty much in complete control over how long you spend toying with the heros, have fun!!
arrow buttons- move monsters, navigate the menu, choose hero to fight
A button, Z key- attack
B button, ENTER key- select
X button, BACKSPACE key- brings up quit game menu, press quit to end game, or play to continue playing
Y button M key- brings up main menu where you can save your game, load a saved game, adjust the volume, read the game story, and credits

The game opens on the story screen of the menu, press B 3 times to get to the hero selection screen.
Select the hero you want to enter the pyramid with the left or right arrow keys then press B
Once inside the hero will look for gold and try to defeat you and your minions, attack them with the A button
If your minions defeat the hero he will start at the beginning of the maze. In the main dude room, you will know because the monster is twice as large as the regular ones, if the hero wins he goes up a level and you are taken to the character selection screen where you can choose to fight him again or choose another hero.
If you win you go up a level and are taken to the character selection screen where you can choose another hero to fight, you cannot re fight defeated heros.


Character info
Name: Mesher
Age: 32
Height:130 CM
Weight 240
Weapon: Club equipped with carbon crystal spikes
Mesher's story:
Mesher grew up in a large city and so was street wize as well as stealthy and a master of locks and all things mechanical. Mesher also strived to gain all the wealth he could without thought of who it would hurt. He left the city on word of a mysterious pyramid that had landed somewhere off the Kangomangus ridge, supposedly rumor had it that it rests on a huge pile of gold coins! Reaching the pyramid he realized the rumors were true...
Name: Librianna
Age 39
Height: 140 CM
Weight: 110
Weapon: The Emerald Dagger
Librianna's story:
Librianna grew up in the valley, She became a hero for rescuing an entire heard of Bison who were about to cross paths with a train, She used her emerald dagger's magic to distract the bison, with a flash of green light they halted in time and the train passed. Now, Hearing of a strange object's landing and that some evil force was present inside, she decides to go and eradicate whatever's in there. Just then an inky black slug crossed her shoe, she hated slimy creatures...
Name: Vianna
Age: 22
Height: 86 CM
Weight: 108
Weapon: Ruby Staff
Vianna was raised in the high mountains and was heir to the ruby palace, a great expanse of naturally made pure ruby cave, and the source of the comunity's mana force. Vianna's people believed the recent night's falling of the crystal pyramid just 5 miles south of the entrance of the Ruby palace cave that it was a sign and she was sent to scout out if and how to get the pyramid inside the cave. It was scorching hot out but she pressed on, "I hate the heat" she exclaimed.
Upon approaching the pyramid she could feel a force inside it...
Name: Rennel
Age: 28
Height: 129
Weight: 145
Weapon: Crystal Tri-Star
Rennel's story:
Rennel was raised in the woods with the superstitious lore of the tree dwellers, at an early age he lost an eye in an attack by something other than forest creatures. It all started when the strange crystal pyramid landed in a small and scarce field by an outcrop of glacier-pushed rocks. His bretheren tree dwellers were dissapearing one by one ever since. "With my unbreakable blue diamond fused with titanium crystal tri-star only the earth's very magma it'self could possibly defeat me!"
With confidence he journeyed to the crystal pyramid.

All music made by me on my Android device with the help of the DJ Dubstep Music Maker app

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