Planetary Kaleidoscope

Planetary Kaleidoscope

With the year 2018 suspected to be one of the biggest years in space exploration and technology I have created a fun and educational app that lets you "see" the gravitational lines between the planets in our solar system. With this app you can choose to draw color coded lines from any planet to any other planet, resulting in a kaleidoscope image. You can speed up or slow down the planet's orbital speed around the sun from not moving all the way to 40,000x top speed, observe the days and years that go by relative to each planet, and track each planet's seasons. The starting positions of the planets in orbit around the sun are the actual positions the planets were in on 2/6/2018 and should remain correct upon opening and running the app.

Planetary Kaleidoscope is available for download for Windows and Android.

Press 'change planet' to change planet to make gravity lines from.
Press up or down to change planet to make gravity lines to.
Press left to decreases speed, press right to increase speed.
Press 'draw lines' or 'clear lines' to draw or erase lines.
Press seasons image to toggle focus level.
Press planet image for info.
Press 'ESC' or 'BACKSPACE' to exit app.

On Windows operating systems this app is very graphics intensive when drawing lines and you may
need to long press buttons if they don't respond right away.