Space S

Space S, a salvage and mining company from earth sent a mining expedition to dwarf planet Ceres to collect water and hydrogen, but, sadly, on the way there a stray meteor hit the ship just before the crew were about to enter landing sequence. Luckilly all survived and parachuted to the surface. Formerly Space S
had sent previous missions which dug the mines and provided crude living quarters. But now with no contact it would be over a year before they were missed, and another year to send a rescue team. All seemed doomed, unless...  

Controls: Arrow keys- Move player around 
Z key, A button- Perform action P key, 
Y button- Pause and Menu 
When you land there is one cave, explore it and eventually more areas
become accessable from the main entrance to the cave.
Collect all 10 pieces of the time loop crystals and bring them to Captain Rex.
  Use bombs to find caves after giving the captain certain crystals. After the time loop machine is created you will go back in time and must make the right decisions to save the crew!
 Credits: Music by Eric Matyas @

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER ALERT!!  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


After the opening scene you will be in front of a crater wall with one entrance on the left, take this entrance and follow the cave to the end. This is the supplies room and you will allways regain full health upon returning here.
Take the crystal and leave the supply room, then when done exploring return to the supply room again and talk with captain Rex, press Y button to bring up the menu and press Items. press the crystal to equip it (a small image of the equipped item will show in the upper left stats display) and give it to rex by pressing the 
A button. and making sure the crystal is touching the captain. Talk to him again and he will tell you to bring him more crystals. Use the pick to find them and you can use this guide to find them all:
Give the captain crystal #1 and cave 2 is bombable, Receive pick and bombs
Give the captain crystal #3 and cave 3 is bombable, Receive Radar
Give the captain crystal #5 and cave 4 is bombable, Receive Warp ring
Give the captain crystal #10 and cave 3 room 9 top is bombable
Note that hidden crystals can only be found after using the radar, then switch to the pick to mine them.
After giving them all to the captain and bombing the top wall of room 9 in cave 3 go up the new entrance and down left and keep going to the far left bottom of the cavern to find the crew. Stay in this room and the time crystal will transport you to the ship at the time you arrive at Ceres. Here you will have 5 choices:
1- Veer left - this choice results in disaster as the meteor gets caught in Ceres gravity and slams head on into the ship, GAME OVER
2- Straight ahead - 2 additional choices come up-
3- Dodge it - Avoid destruction of the ship but the mines are destroyed by the meteor and the crew must rebuild them and try again
4- Blast it- Shoot it with the ships laser! WIN THE GAME
5- Veer right - Same fate as choice #3