Territory Earth

Territory Earth

9/17/16 UPDATE!!!
I have updated Territory Earth, the major changes are as follows:

Fixed issue with controlls not scaled properly on some devices

Cartoonized the backgrounds by popular demand

Reduced file size of game by 50% !!!

NOTE: do not try to use previous save files from before this update as many changes were made and it WILL crash the game

Territory Earth is a post apocalyptic story of a Canadian tree eating caterpillar That somehow has escaped the effects of a fungal spore infection that wiped out humanity and many species of animals. The year is 2020, Only a few animals and insects managed to form resistance to the new fungal infection, and now they have turned on each other senselessly from a violent side effect of being resistant to the new disease. You, a tree chomping caterpillar seem to be immune to both the disease and it's psychotic side effects, and are forced to live in a violent world where every living thing wants to kill you! You must survive and find out why you are the only one left with your sanity, and find the cure to save what little life is left on Earth. Armed only with your chompers and your poisonous silk spinning defense mechanism you must make a perilous journey through the micro forest world and confront the source of putrid psychotic senselessness! Fight enemies and find your destiny on Territory Earth!! Along the way our Hero meets his only ally, a talking Jimson weed plant that decides to help him with healing and information. There are 3 main bosses in the game, and it rains the blood of the fallen relentlessly.
A button- Load saved game on game start screen.
B button- Shoot silk at enemies if you have some, Selects items in the menu.
X button- Quit the game without saving.
Y button- Opens or closes menu.
Arrow buttons- Move character, move pointer in menu.
Back button on device- Quit game without saving.
Sound / music volume, saving and loading, stats, story and credits all available in the menu.

Your health bar is displayed on the top left of the screen along with any items you may have and if you have any silk for your silk weapon the amount left will also be displayed here. If an enemy is present (excluding the 3 boss enemies) their health bar will be displayed on the top right of the screen.

Get it HERE for Android/
Get it HERE for Windows 8+
Get it HERE for Windows 98
 -------------------------SPOILER ALERT!--------------------------
You start out in the pepper fields, unaware of what's happened, your family and friends are all gone so you decide to search for them and find out what has happened. Defeat enemies by chasing them down and eating them, or stay at a distance and shoot them with your poisonous silk weapon. (B button android, or ENTER button windows) You should try to save up your silk around level 3, as there will be 3 bosses that you will have to defeat between levels 3 and 10, and it's best to attack them from a distance using your silk weapon. Sometimes when you defeat an enemy they will leave a fruit behind, eat it to regain your health, note that if you wander into the next screen and come back that it will be gone. Head north throughout the game to advance, in the 4th screen you will come across a strange plant, talk to it and you will find out some information, as well as get your health filled. anytime you come back here, as well as 2 other screens the plant inhabits, this plant will completely fill your health. Once you reach level 3 the plant (Jimson) will tell you about a locked door, if you head north to the 19th screen a boss will now be there waiting for you, defeat the nasty looking spider and you will receive the key to go to the next screen. You won't be able to unlock the door in this screen however, so fight enemies until you reach level 6, Jimson will now tell you that you can find another boss in this second locked room, defeat the Shimra and you will get another key, leading to another apparently dead end. keep leveling up until reaching level 10 and once you reach this level the next room you enter (excluding the mirror room) will have a huge tree similar to Jimson, go to the tree and transform into a formidable flying adult Cicada! Talk with Jimson again and he will tell you you're ready to fulfill your destiny and regain the antidote to save the Earth, head north past the two lock screens and the pepperoni pizza (yes, that's exactly what that is haha) and the following room holds the final boss battle! try to stay away from his deadly ball lightning and use your silk weapon liberally and you should take him down.