K9 Remote

K9 Remote

K9 Remote for Android is now Fully released on Google Play! 

Available in 6 different languages! English, French (Canada), German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese.

Welcome to Canine Remote! When purchasing This app you may download it on multiple devices that you or your family or organization own.
With K9 Remote you can control your trained animal remotely by sending it commands that can either be spoken or texted, and the commands will be spoken to the dog either through ultra sound that humans can't hear or normal sound that the animal and humans nearby can hear. This app can be very useful for law enforcement K9 divisions to 'silently' command their animals from close by or afar, as well as for citizens who want to use the app for fun to amaze their friends!
To get started, press the menu button on the top right of your screen, you will see 4 menus... The setup menu is where you can set up the app to your preference, more on that in a minute, The second option is this audio tutorial. The third option lets you select between 6 different countries languages. NOTE: IMPORTANT!- When switching languages you MUST enter the country's name in english and in english text, uppercase lowercase or mixed is ok, so you can enter: usa, canada, germany, china and japan. Also you must have the appropriate text to speech engine and language pack installed on your device. After changing the language, shut down and restart K9 Remote for it to take effect. This tutorial is also available in all 6 languages in the app's voice tutorial upon switching languages. The fourth option brings you to this web page, and the final menu is exit which will shut down the app. Now more on the first menu's features. Here you can adjust the pitch of the spoken voice to match as closely as you can to your voice. Combine this with adjusting the voice speed to fine tune it. Important, Press the set button next to the pitch and or speed adjusters to apply the settings. NOTE: You can set male or female voice by going to your Android device settings, and in the search bar up top type in text to speech, then select settings and select the gear to the right of your selected text to speech engine and check male or female voice. If only female is present there should be an option to download the male voice pack. Press the test button to test your settings. There are 2 checkboxes labeled Ultrasound and Ultrasound 2, if checked a frequency converter will be used to set the spoken frequency to 22,000 k h z  for checkbox 1, dogs and checkbox 2, 48,000 k h z  for cats. These settings let you send commands your animal will hear but cannot be heard by human ears. The third checkbox, Remote, can be checked to send the speech by text message to the receiving device. One example of usage would be a dog collar with an android device with this app installed which will receive and speak your commands. At the bottom is a text field, with the Remote checkbox unchecked tap it to enter the 10 or 11 digit phone number of the device that will send your speech or text input and press Set, And if the Remote checkbox is checked tap the text field to enter the 10 or 11 digit phone number of the device that will receive your speech or text input and press Set. Once you have everything set up the way you want press the Finished button and you are ready to start! You can either press the microphone icon and talk, which will send or speak automatically when done talking, or you can type in your commands to speak in the text field below the microphone and press Send. 
  When using the remote feature, the receiving device will also keep a text record of your commands sent to it in the form of text messages that can be viewed at any time in the same way you view text messages sent to you from any other phone or device. Also the receiving device is protected from receiving messages that weren't sent by the sending device, it will only speak if the phone number you set for it matches the phone number of the sending device.
  You can change the spoken output on the fly on the receiving device by saying or typing (all lower case letters) one of these 3 phrases which MUST be in english and english text :
set to human
set to dog
set to cat
the result will be the frequency of the spoken commands is changed accordingly, in this way you can switch back and forth allowing the humans nearby to either hear or not hear what commands you are sending to the dog (or the humans for that matter)
Also if you want to use any device capable of texting or sending a text via email and don't mind not being able to use the voice recognition to send commands to the android receiving device, you can use ANY device such as i phone, email from your computer or phone, etc. All you need to do is get the sending device's phone number or email id number and enter it in the receiving android device. NOTE: To get the email id number you would first email your phone with a text message, (using the format phone number then the carrier address in the address bar of your email to send, example for emailing to an at&t phone: 1111111111@txt.att.net )when you receive the text look at the sender's number, copy down the first 4 digits of this number (the remaining digits are unimportant and change with every subsequent email sent) and enter this number in the receiving android device.

I am working on a 2nd version of this app that will be compatible with Android Wear devices such as the Gear 2 watch device, which would be much simpler to attach to your pet's collar, I plan on it also being free if you have purchased the regular version of K9 Remote.

Below are some typical setup images to get started using this app.

Enter the phone number using the 10 or 11 digit format for example 1 111 111 1111 (without any spaces or dashes, numbers only!) 
It is recommended to test the remote 2 device usage first by not selecting ultrasound to make sure that the receiving device is receiving and speaking the commands sent from the sending device, when you are sure it's working correctly then set to ultrasound if desired.

Tips to help with training your pet to use K9 Remote more successfully

In this tutorial I aim to assist you in training your pet to recognize this app as a part of you. This is very important because dogs in general will only respond to their masters commands, but luckily dogs are very smart and can associate between different types of interactions that represent commands from their masters such as voice and visual gestures, the second of which will allow the dog to interpret K9 Remote as a combination of voice and gesture commands.
Part 1- Device setup
  Do all the setup steps together with your animal. You need to let your pet know that K9 Remote is an extension of yourself, a good way of doing so is to sit your pet next to you so it can see and hear what you are doing on your device with this app. you can start off by saying "Watch me" and point to the device and say "this" then point to yourself and say your name. repeat this a few times. next, as per the above general instructions the first thing to do is set the devices normal voice to most closely resemble your voice. Once you have set the voice style to either male or female in your device settings (not this app, but the android device itself's settings) continue by opening K9 Remote and go into settings and fine tune the voice by adjusting the pitch and speed to most closely resemble your voice and tap finished. Now repeat the initial training process of saying "Watch me" and point to the device and say "this" then point to yourself and say your name. repeat this a few times. 
Part 2- Training
  Now it's time to start training the pet to accept commands from the K9 Remote app. The first phase will consist on training with you holding the device. Start off simple and say "Sit" to you dog. Next use your hand signals for the dog to sit. Now type in the word "sit" in the Enter text to send text field and press the send button and after it speaks make sure your pet sits, if it doesn't then make the pet sit as you would when you first started training your dog. Repeat this several times as needed and eventually the dog will start responding to your commands. The next step is to train your pet with  the ultrasound setting enabled, Just repeat the above process in it's entirety, especially the "Watch me" and point to the device and say "this" then point to yourself and say your name part until your pet follows your commands. Now you are ready for the next training phase, remote commands. Affix a second android device with K9 Remote installed to your pet's collar or work harness being sure it is in a secure enclosed capsule so the screen can't be rubbed resulting in shutting off or going into settings mode and repeat the above training process at close range to maintain visual contact. Once this training phase is completed successfully it's time to train at separate locations where the pet can't see or hear you. To confirm training results you may need a helper to monitor the dog and report to you by phone or email on what is going on. repeat the training process until the pet fully responds to the commands in both normal voice and ultrasound voice settings and congratulations you are done!

Altho this app can be very entertaining and/or useful, I Tom Traggis and my company Roadhammer Gaming are not to be held liable for any damages, injuries, or other adverse effects caused directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of this app.
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