Frog Slide

Frog Slide
By Roadhammer Gaming!

Take as many frogs as you can to the frog pond!

In this little frog adventure you must pick up as many frogs as you can on your boat and safely get them to the frog pond, avoid enemies or eat them with your tongue for points! (In the Android version if you run aground on a dead end you have the option to watch an ad which will give you 50 points and avoid you having to start over!) avoid tree stumps and dead ends in the river, if you enter a dead end river bend and run aground, or lose all your frogs to enemies or tree stumps you will have to start over from the 2nd river bend of whichever level you are on! there are 10 levels to complete and after that the game will start over, have fun!!

Arrow keys- move character.
left mouse (tap for android)- enter/exit/
select on the menu.
Z key, A button shoot your tongue weapon

Download Frog Slide for Windows 8+
Download Frog Slide for Windows 98
Download Frog Slide for Android

______________Spoiler alert!!______________
Here is a collection of all the maps from levels 1 through 10!