Lure Of The Death Stone

Lure of the Death Stone 
A new video game By Roadhammer Gaming Now released on Android and Windows!

You are a guitarist who has always wanted adventure, well now you get your chance! 6000 years ago a meteorite hit the Earth and havoc ensued, but a devastating weather event forced the alien hordes spawned from the meteor to evacuate the planet, but now a meteorite crashes into the band field in your town and strange things start to happen,  strange animals start to appear around the entire area, very unfriendly animals, they have returned! Gain strength, weapons, items and spells, figure out the mysteries of the land and it's inhabitants and find secret objects and passage ways to rid the earth once and for all of the intergalactic intruders!

ARROW BUTTONS - Move player around, move pointer on screen for 
selecting items and spell use. Example - To use a heal potion on yourself 
you would move the pointer to your character and press the ENTER key (B for Android).
Press P (Y for Android)
for the menu. press P again to quit the menu or click/press the red & black x 
button on the top right of the menu
Navigate the menu with the Mouse and left click (single press for Android) the select box
to equip or choose. Right click (double tap for Android) on an item's select box and a description 
of the item will appear above. if a button on the menu is down, the item/weapon/spell is equiped.
Note  that some things, such as the pot of gold, cannot be equipped, and other things, such as the 
comet key, are allways active if you have them.
Moving around- use the arrow keys to move the character, walking off the screen on a trail/cave 
brings you to the next screen.

Starting the game and basic gameplay info-
 Watch the cutscene or choose not to by pressing ENTER or B for Android
and walk into the player you choose and press ENTER or B for Android to start the game, or press 
P (Y for Android) to choose load or quit as other options.
Press Escape (Device's back button for Android) to exit the game, or go to the menu and choose 
quit. you can save and load games in the menu's first screen. to save a game, click one of the three 
game save boxes below the save game? box, type in a name, and click the save game? box. If 
successful the message will change to Saved successfully. to load a saved game, click one of the 
three load game boxes below the load game? box, and click the load game? box. If successful you 
will be exactly where you left off in menu mode. If your save/load game is not listed you can type it in
by clicking the save/load slot and typing in the save/load name.
To fight monsters- equip the weapon from the menu's weapons screen and exit the menu. 
press Z (A for Android) to use the weapon.
To equip armor- equip the armor from the armor screen of the menu.
The status screen tells how much attack power you have, defense, strength, gold, etc. you can also 
see if your character is cursed, poisoned, etc from this screen as well.
To use items- Click Equip then continue through the menu to Items, equip the item by clicking the 
button next to the item you want and exit the menu. the item will be visible in the upper left 
status bar and can be used at any time by pressing the Space bar (X for Android) , which pauses the 
game and displays the pointer, which you move with the arrow keys to the target.
press ENTER (B for Android) to use.
To use spells- equip the spell from the menu's magic screen and exit the menu. the spell will be 
visible in the upper left status bar and can be used at any time by pressing the
space bar (X for Android), which pauses the game and displays the pointer, which you move with 
the arrow keys to the target. press SPACE (X for Android) again to use.
To buy things at any shops just click/press the goods you want and then confirm by clicking/pressing
yes/cancel. To sell items click/press the circle that says BUY and it will display the things you can sell 
to the particular salesman, The items salesman will only buy items, the weapons salesman only buys 
weapons, the armor salesman only buys armor and the magic salesman does not buy anything from 
you. Selling the items works the same as buying.

Lure of the Death Stone official Walkthrough

Start off by going up 2 screens and you will be inside your house. Here there's a table that when
touched the light turns on or off, and a large stereo in the upper right. You can listen to you tube 
playlists in Windows (Note regular internet charges may apply, and that the lyrics in the playlists are 
uncensored) or any music you have on your  Android device by clicking the stereo or in android move 
player over stereo and press the Y button, pick your music or put whatever you want on and enjoy 
throughout the game. for Android You can make playlists, play random order, seek to point in song , etc
    At the moment there's nothing else to do at home for now, so head down 2 screens and go left to 
a hidden cave. We will just call it cave 1 from now on. Here there's a Life glass to fill your HP, use it 
before the enemy's do!  Go up 2 screens for an antidote that hopefully you don't need yet, as the 
enemy's here have a 50/50 chance, minus your built up tolerance, of inflicting  poisoned condition
which results in the slow but constant depletion of your HP. 
Go up another screen and you can keep going up or go left, for now go up, then right and collect a
partial HP potion. Go down 1 screen, then left and go up and you can go either up or left. for now
go up then right and collect a yellow key. Go left, down, left and down and you will come to a 4
way intersection. Go right and collect a HP / MP partial potion then go left and down. Here you
find a random item shop, there are 2 different salesmen so be sure to visit both each time you level
up, as they will have different things to sell at certain levels, more detail as the game progresses on
the important ones. Make sure to get at least one Bang Powder and when you are done stocking up
go up, left and take the bottom stairway. go down 2 screens then right & up the stairs. You arrive out 
of the cave with a choice to go right or down. Go right 3 screens and enter the blue house, make sure 
the orange person is in the house and talk to him. Could he be talking about your house?! Yep, go 
Leave the house and go right and stay at the inn if you need to, otherwise go back the way you came
making sure to talk to the people in the houses to get information and hints and go to your house.
The blue npc in the first house reveals that someone has taken the meteorite that fell on the band 
field Use a bang powder on the left part of the rear wall and a secret cave appears leading to the 
North entrance to the catacombs. You can go right or up, go right and get the Life Mug and go left and 
up, take the stairs at the top and you enter a strange shrine with an exit on the right, If you are 
wounded  the fountain will flow a prismatic healing plasma, walk into it to refill your HP and MP. 
Now go back to the 2nd house and grab the green key, then to the 3rd house where the orange pc 
complained about your music and use the green key and the yellow key to unlock the chest and 
receive the cloud boots (always equipped). If you don't get them now you can buy them from the
random salesmen in cave 1, but only when you are levels 7 and 8. You can also buy green keys from
them at that time. Next go all the way back to the heal fountain in the catacombs behind your house 
and from there go right 2 screens to arrive at the beach chasm that leads to the ruins of the dead.
Luckily you now have the cloud boots and can hitch a ride on the cloud to get across the chasm. Note 
when returning you must go to the end of the fence being careful not to fall and go to the bottom 
right to wait for the cloud and don't let the fence knock you off the cloud. From the beach chasm
go right 2 screens to arrive at the stone castle ruins. Enter the building and go left once inside.
Weather you buy anything or not talk to the magic shop owner here to unlock a side quest that is
very important for  winning the game! Now you can go to the other 2 rooms in the stone castle, the 
upper room is an item shop, pick up some Bang Powders if you don't have any. The right room is 
the weapons and armor shop. After stocking up and equipping your new stuff go all the way back 
to where the houses are and this time talk to the blue npc in the 2nd house and he will convert 
your bang powder into Mega bombs! To complete the side quest go back to the beach chasm and 
ride the cloud all the way around and get off in the left bottom corner. Bomb the rock cliff on the 
left to discover a cave similar to the fountain room. You cannot go right at this time so pick up the 
Pot of Gold and leave. It's tricky to catch the cloud here without the fence knocking you off so feel
free to jump off the chasm and you will appear on the left above the fence. Now go back to the 
houses again and talk to the blue npc in the 2nd house and he tells you of a beast at the ruins, so
go back to the stone castle and this time instead of going in go to the far right and up to access a 
hidden room and your first main dude fight! He's not to hard to defeat, just avoid contact and use
a long range weapon like the throwing knife or small spear. After defeating him leave and go into 
the stone castle and into the magic shop. Use a Mega bomb on the left rear wall and a secret 
passage to the graveyard appears, take the passage and in the graveyard enter the Tower of 
Devourment. Wind your way up the tower (2 screens up, 2 screens down, two screens up etc...) 
collecting a green and yellow key in the first treasure, and using them on the next treasure to
receive the legendary Tri Axe, the most powerful weapon in the game. It's only downfall 
is that it's a close range weapon. Go down the last 2 screens from the treasure and emerge at the
top of the tower for main dude fight #2. Fight the hand on the right first to give yourself room and
then shoot up/left to reach the other hand. After defeating them get on one of the passing clouds,
This can be tricky because it's very windy at the top of the tower, the best spot to be to get on it is 
a little to the right of the middle and almost as far up as you can go. You will be taken above the 
land and will now have to fight the giant stump head beast while trying to stay on the cloud, you 
can move the cloud left and right by moving to the left or right but if you go to far you will fall and
have to re fight the main dude again. After defeating the stump beast walk up and off the cloud
to the roof tops below. The elevator on the left is not working so exit the roof top to the lower 
right and go up the hall into the elevator. Click/Press the up or down arrows on the elevator door 
to select the floor you want and click/press the round green go button on the elevator door to
go to that floor. There's only 1 choice in this elevator so go down to floor 39 and go up to exit the 
elevator. go right 3 screens then down. head to the top left of the roof tops and get the elevator 
key. go down and back into the building and head left 2 screens then down. Use the elevator key
on the small structure near the building entrance to start up the elevator generator. exit the roof 
top to the bottom and go left and down, ride the elevator to floor 40 and go back down the hall to 
the roof top. Take the elevator at the top left and take it down to R1. walk down to the main 
elevator and take it to the ground floor. after exiting the elevator go right and talk to the blue npc
to find out that one of the rooms in the building is haunted! leave and go up to go outside. Here 
you can go right or left, go right then up then down to find an item shop. Leave the way you came 
and this time go left from where you came out of the elevator building. Go up then left to find
the magic shop, and the weapons and armor sidewalk sale is up from exiting the magic shop.
Once you are restocked and equipped go back to the main elevator and take it to the 29th floor. 
When you open the treasure you get a fragment of the meteor and a suprise, main dude #4! Now
(assuming you did the side quest of blowing up the cliff in the beach chasm, if you did not then 
the game is essentially over and you cannot progress any further) head down to the 
28th floor and use a Mega bomb on the left side of the back wall to expose the southern 
entrance to the catacombs allowing you to move back and forth from the city and your home
area. go through the entrance and go left, The treasure that had the pot of gold now has 
another meteor fragment in it! Head back to the houses again and talk to the blue npc in the
first house and he will tell you that the monsters will betray the traitor, so go to house 3 when 
the orange npc is there and sure enough there's monsters in his house! Talk to him and he
admits to having a meteorite fragment and summons main dude #5. The gate guardian is tough
and can use another dimension to become invisible at times, and also has good aim with his
throwing daggers. Once he is defeated you get another Meteor fragment. Talk to the orange npc
again and he is angry but unfazed, giving away the fact that there is far worse things to come. 
Now go all the way back to the tower and when you get to the treasure you got the Tri axe from 
and now the treasure holds another fragment of the Meteor. Go back to the houses again and
instead of going right to the housing district go down, right, and down 2 screens to get to the 
band field. There's a couple of bands playing and a large creature terrorizing them, defeat
main dude #6 and receive the Comet Key. Return to the ground floor of the building with the main 
elevator and talk to the blue npc in the room to the right and he tells you to visit The pond of 
ancient wisdom. Leave the building and go right, up, up, down, right, down, left and up to enter
a peaceful lake. Use your meteor fragments (You didn't sell them ALL did you?) and throw them 
into the lake and receive random treasures from each one.. except the last one.. that one 
results in the emergence of the final boss. Good luck defeating him but when you do, 
congratulations! you have won the game!!
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