RHG Timecard Tutorial


Rhg Timecard
Rhg Timecard is an app for small business and work at home entrepreneurs that can
keep track of up to 12 employees hours, breaks, overtime hours, Sunday and holiday
hours, and weather or not they started work on time.
 You can also use it for recording travel time, fieldwork time, or tons of other
things you need to keep a time record of.
 Rhg Timecard has a unique look and employee incentive with an 'active earth' icon
in the center that moves every 1/2 hour, with the front side always representing
where on the globe 12 o'clock noon is. The hidden incentive is when you open the
app and the earth hasn't yet turned to your accustomed punch in time's position
you are still early and will be inclined to punch in before it switches.
 Rhg Timecard also works in all timezones as it sets the correct time and 12 noon
positioning of the Earth animation. You can log in, punch in, then shut down the
app on your phone and even log out, but when you start RHG Timecard back up again
and log in, everythings still as it was, if you were punched in you are still
punched in, or if you were on break you will still be on break untill you stop
break or punch out.
 You as manager also have the ability to set all names, company names, passwords
and work start time as well as late alowance time for yourself and your employees.
 Also you can view all timecards in a text file, which you can choose to print out
or view any week, or the entire year for any employee you choose as the records
will be permanently stored including year changes so you can keep your records

       General use Android version:
Tap the menu button on the top right and below that the first menu comes up with
3 choices:
1. Clock - Brings you to the log in page
2. About - Brings up this text file
3. EXIT - Exits the app
 On the clock page tap the menu button on the top right and 3 choices come up,
Log in, Log out and Manager
1. Log in- You will be asked your employee number (0 - 12) , then your password
and if correct logs you in so you can punch in, out, take  break or come back
from break.
 If this is the first time you have logged in, your timecard will
be set up and you will be asked to log out then log back in to start your first
day of work.
2. Log out - Logs you out.
3. Manager - You will be asked for your password and if correct logs you in so
you can keep track of your employees and company(s).
 Manager settings and Setting up yourself and your employees:
Tap the menu button on the top right and select Clock. On the clock page tap the
menu button on the top right and select Manager and 6 choices come up -
1. Check current week or year hours - week, employee must have completed 1 work 
day, or if checking current year, must have completed 1 work week.
 Press Set to start.
Enter employee number you want to check hours for.
Enter 1 to check week or 2 to check year.
press view report or print to get the report.
 Reports are saved in your phones storage/Roadhammer Gaming/Rhg Timecard, and
print pdf's are saved in your Downloads folder if you choose to save them.
2. Add employee - Tap enter and type the employee's number which can be from
0 - 12 and tap set. Note that employee # 0 and the corresponding password is
reserved for you the manager. Complete all the below settings through #4 to
sucessfully create your new employee.
 Employee name -
Next type the employee's name and press set.
 Company name - Now enter the employee's company name and tap set.
 Employee password- can be letter numbers and basic symbols,
don't use the /  \  |  * @ or . characters tho. If you dont want a password
clear the password text field with the keyboard's back button and tap set.
3. Permissions - Here you can set the starting time for work for each employee,
and asks you if employees are alowd to be late. the current setting will be
displayed on The left. Tap the yes or no buttons to change the setting. If you
choose no you will be asked the start hour of the day (0 - 24 hours), start
minute and how long, in minutes (0 - 59), they are alowd to be late beyond
the start time. Press set between each choice.
4. Overtime settings -
Here you can set things like weather to record time, overtime, sundays and
holidays worked after midnight at the end of the week or year to the completed
week or to the following week, and weather to record Sundays and holidays as
overtime, and define the holiday dates.
press Set to start.
 Enter the employee number to set. A caution screen comes
up making sure you know the local laws on these settings if applicable. press
the Yes or No button, if No, actions are cancelled and set to the default of
recording extra time to the completed week. If you press Yes The first
option is to set time worked after 12am on the last day of the week or year
to the current week (enter 1), or to the following week (enter 2), then press
Next set overtime on Sundays, enter 0 for no or 1 for yes.
 Next set overtime on holidays, enter 0 for no or 1 for yes.
 Next set the dates for the holidays.
Enter 0 if there is no holidays, or enter the dates of the holidays in this
format: Month and day seperated with a comma AND add a comma at the end as
well. Example:
would be Jan 1st July 4th Nov 24th and Dec 25th.
  Your employee is now saved including starting date of employment.
  It is important that on their first day of work to have them log in, and
log back out to finish the setup process and then log in and punch in
because that starts the baseline time that Rhg Timecard relies on to
make their timecards.
 To add another employee log out and then log back in as manager again and
create your next employee.
 If you make a mistake adding the employee, log out then log back in
and create the employee again.
5. History - You will be asked to enter the employee number 0-12, the year to
audit and the week to audit, 1-53 will give you the week report, and entering
54 will give you the year report. Now you can tap the View report button or the
Print report button
6. Log out - Logs the manager out and exits the menu.

        Technical details on how this app keeps track of worked hours:

    If week has not changed:
1. Punching in
Records year, week, day of year, day of week, hour, minute, second and weather you
were late.
2. Taking break
Records year, week, day of year, day of week, hour, minute and second.
3. Return from break
Records year, week, day of year, day of week, hour, minute, second and totals out
break hours.
4. Punching out
Records year, week, day of year, day of week, hour, minute, second and totals out
the day's hours subtracting the break hours, adding the totals to the day you
punched in, so if you worked 7am to 11pm or worked 11pm to 7am the time is recorded
to the day you punched in. These settings can be adjusted by the manager to allow
time worked after midnight on the last day of the week or year to be recorded to
the following week or year.

    If week or year has changed

    All week reports are created at the end of each week and year reports are
created at the end of each year when you next punch in. The manager can check
the week or year's progress at any time, which creates a timecard displaying
the employee's current hours. However, when the employee finishes a
week or year, the week or year's timecard is re totalled and overwritten with
the completed week or year's results.

Credits and Waiver:
Thanks go out to the members of Stack overflow who helped me learn the android
java programming language to produce this app, and to android studio for the app
creation software.

This app was written and created by me and may not be sold for any type profit.
I am not to be held liable or responsible for loss of wages or time due to any
fault or use of this app