New from Roadhammer Gaming ~ Planetary Kaleidoscope

With the year 2018 suspected to be one of the biggest years in space exploration and technology I have created a fun and educational app that lets you "see" the gravitational lines between the planets in our solar system. With this app you can choose to draw color coded lines from any planet to any other planet, resulting in a kaleidoscope image. You can speed up or slow down the planet's orbital speed around the sun from not moving all the way to 40,000x top speed, observe the days and years that go by relative to each planet, and track each planet's seasons. The starting positions of the planets in orbit around the sun are the actual positions the planets were in on 2/6/2018 and should remain correct upon opening and running the app.
Planetary Kaleidoscope is available for download for Windows and Android.

Download Planetary Kaleidoscope for Windows
Download Planetary Kaleidoscope for Android
You can find the Planetary Kaleidoscope Homepage HERE

Oracle of Megalopolis video game released for windows and android!
The Oracle of Megalopolis is about an alien race living in a megastructure built around it's host star Tabby, and it's inevitable demise from the materialization of a wormhole.
For millions of years an overpopulated race of beings in the Tabby star system have avoided the extinction of their species on several occasions, first their home planet of Damar became overpopulated and it's resources stripped until they had the technology to mine the vast resources from their asteroid belt, but then their planet eventually warmed as it's star grew older and they had to colonize the next further out planet Sethrol, but life was miserable there due to vicious creatures and deadly bacteria and viruses which almost wiped them out again. So after that they returned to the asteroid belt and instead of mining and removing resources they linked all the asteroids together and formed an enclosed megastructure encircling their star and called their new home Megalopolis. They controlled the temperature by adjusted solar venting voids in the megastructure and collected all the power they needed from great arrays of star facing solar panels and sustained the lives of 420 quadrillion citizens. All was well. Until one day...

Available for download on
Game Jolt
And the Android version is also released on
Google play

K9 Remote
Have you ever wanted to have a remote control for your pet? now you can with K9 Remote!
K9 Remote for Android is now fully released on Google Play! You can download it here:
K9 Remote for Android  
Please see the K9 Remote homepage for all the details on this innovative new app!

Just released today! fun arcade style frog game!
Frog Slide
By Roadhammer Gaming!

Take as many frogs as you can to the frog pond!

In this little frog adventure you must pick up as many frogs as you can on your boat and safely get them to the frog pond, avoid enemies or eat them with your tongue for points! (In the Android version if you run aground on a dead end you have the option to watch an ad which will give you 50 points and avoid you having to start over!) avoid tree stumps and dead ends in the river, if you enter a dead end river bend and run aground, or lose all your frogs to enemies or tree stumps you will have to start over from the 2nd river bend of whichever level you are on! there are 10 levels to complete and after that the game will start over, have fun!!

Please visit the Frog Slide homepage for more info!

Newly released from Roadhammer gaming!
Forbidden Frontier
from Roadhammer Gaming!
They say nothing lies beyond their cavernous realm, you say differently.

See the Forbidden Frontier homepage for all the details!

The story:
Living far below the planet's surface the inhabitants of the floating city of Erril believe that nothing lies beyond their city and networks of caves and caverns. No one ever even thought much about it because life was easy and everything they needed existed within their realm. You, however, have the spirit of adventure and an inquisitive mind and believe otherwise. Recently tho things weren't so easy going and without problems, there were isolated instances of strange creatures milling around and stealing food and sometimes even daring to enter the city and make off with some of it's inhabitants! Now you decide to make the unknown voyage out of your realm and see for yourself weather all that exists lies within your cavernous home...

Get it now for free on:
Window 8+ Forbidden Frontier
Window 98 Forbidden Frontier
Android Forbidden Frontier

New racing game- Acorn Squirrel Race is now released on android and windows by Roadhammer Gaming! This was a fun project and I hope you enjoy it!

Acorn Squirrel Race

Did you ever wonder why squirrels run back and forth across the road? They're playing the Acorn Squirrel Race!
play against Compu-squirrel or a friend! Press ENTER to start, Press ESC to quit the game.
Grey squirrel - move with arrow keys, d pad or right stick on gamepad
Red squirrel - move with W,A,S,D, d pad or right stick on gamepad
You can turn the sounds on and off and the blood on or off in the options menu at the beginning of the game, both are OFF by default.
Objective- collect acorns of the same color as your squirrel and bring them back across the roads to score points.
The first squirrel to collect 12 acorns wins, there are 10 rounds, you need to win twice to advance to the next round, and each round is harder to complete. After 10 rounds the winner of the game is announced! Good luck!
The game is automatically saved when exiting with the (windows)ESC key or (android)BACK button on device.

Hello from Roadhammer Gaming! 

Now released:

Lure of the Death Stone

Fight legions of ancient enemies that have returned from the void of aeons past​

You are a guitarist who has always wanted adventure, well now you get your chance! 6000 years ago a meteorite hit the Earth and havoc ensued, but a devastating weather event forced the alien hordes spawned from the meteor to evacuate the planet, but now a meteorite crashes into the band field in your town and strange things start to happen, strange animals start to appear around the entire area, very unfriendly animals, they have returned! Gain strength, weapons, items and spells, figure out the mysteries of the land and it's inhabitants and find secret objects and passage ways to rid the earth once and for all of the intergalactic intruders!

Please visit the Lure of the Death Stone Homepage for more info and walkthrough + inventory related game graphs and game shop lists

Download links for Lure of the Death Stone on Android and windows:
Lure of the Death Stone free android
Lure of the Death Stone paid android, No ads
Lure of the Death Stone windows 8 and up
Lure of the Death Stone windows 98



ARROW BUTTONS - Move player around, move pointer on screen for 
selecting items and spell use. Example - To use a heal potion on yourself 
you would move the pointer to your character and press the ENTER key (B for Android).
Press P (Y for Android)
for the menu. press P again to quit the menu or click/press the red & black x 
button on the top right of the menu
Navigate the menu with the Mouse and left click (single press for Android) the select box
to equip or choose. Right click (double tap for Android) on an item's select box and a description 
of the item will appear above. if a button on the menu is down, the item/weapon/spell is equipped.
Note that some things, such as the pot of gold, cannot be equipped, and other things, such as the 
comet key, are always active if you have them.
Moving around- use the arrow keys to move the character, walking off the screen on a trail/cave 
brings you to the next screen.

Space S
New video game released for Android!
Space S, a salvage and mining company from earth sent a mining expedition to dwarf planet Ceres to collect water and hydrogen, but, sadly, on the way there a stray meteor hit the ship just before the crew were about to enter landing sequence. Luckilly all survived and parachuted to the surface. Formerly Space S
had sent previous missions which dug the mines and provided crude living quarters. But now with no contact it would be over a year before they were missed, and another year to send a rescue team. All seemed doomed, unless...  

Get it here for Android:
Space S for Android on google play
Please see the Space S Homepage for More info and walkthrough, enjoy!

Controls: Arrow keys- Move player around 
Z key, A button- Perform action P key, 
Y button- Pause and Menu 
When you land there is one cave, explore it and eventually more areas
become accessable from the main entrance to the cave.
Collect all 10 pieces of the time loop crystals and bring them to Captain Rex.
  Use bombs to find caves after giving the captain certain crystals. After the time loop machine is created you will go back in time and must make the right decisions to save the crew!

Dance Club for Windows and Android
Now released for Android and Windows! Dance Club is a free and add free addicting dance game!

Enter dance competitions, listen to your favorite music and live the dream life in Dance Club!

This is a game where you gain experiance and dance moves, meet and interact with other dancers while you listen to your favorite music! there's hidden things to find and do,
a shop, cafe and the great outdoors to explore! As you go along you'll gain experiance and 
age to become the worlds best and most sucessful dancer! With features like saving your 
progress, making the ultimate playlist, going sledding, going to concerts, changing your 
name and many more, Dance Club will give you hours and hours of entertainment!

Download now for:

Visit the Dance Club homepage for more info!:

11/7/2016 Crystal Pyramid video game released for Android and Windows!

Play as the monsters inside a crystal pyramid and defeat any would be heros that wander into your realm! The crystal pyramid, a foreboding structure built ages ago by an alien race. Originally it was built to train adolescents to overcome their fears and weaknesses. Millenia ago the pyramid took on a life of it's own, that eventually killed all that entered it's inner realm until the entire race of the Centaurians were allmost wiped out. It would becon and lure anyone who came upon it promising wealth, power, fame, whatever the victim most desired it promised to bestow upon them. But once trapped inside it was only a matter of time until all of the victims met their gruesome fates. Until one day, one of the few remaining Centurians managed to subdue the mysterious force and banished it and the pyramid to a distant world, that world is Earth! You are the evil force! You fight as the monsters! Defeat the hereos!

This is a fairly easy game to play and pass the time, You are pretty much in complete control over how long you spend toying with the heros, have fun!!

see the Crystal Pyramid home page for details!

Download for android on Google Play
Download for windows 98

Download for windows 8 and up


Mergery Full

Now available for download, Mergery, the ultimate image manipulation graphics app! With Mergery you can load 2 images into the app and manipulate them in many different ways allowing you to blend images, create special effects, draw lines to create skeletal animations or background borders, make cut scenes for amv's, video games and even make short movies by putting created images into your favorite animated gif, png or movie making apps! Mergery is aimed at graphics enthusiasts and game developers and anyone who want's to make cool blended images right on your Android device or Windows pc/laptop!
full details please visit the Mergery home page for more info, pics, and the full manual at:            
Android  Google Play
Windows 8+  Win8

Windows98 Win98

Mergery Full:
Android  Google Play
Buy your copy today for 1.99:

Get  Mergery for Windows 8+ or Windows 98 on paypal for 1.99

Allready bought your copy of Mergery or need the latest up to date version? Download below:

Territory Earth for Android and windows, now completed and ready to download!!!

The year is 2020, all of humanity has succumed to an incurable disease spread by fungi. Only a few animals and insects managed to form resistance, and now they have turned on each other senselessly from
a violent side effect of being resistant to the new disease. You, a tree chomping caterpillar seem to be immune to both the disease and it's psychotic side effects, and are forced to live in a violent world
where every living thing wants to kill you! You must survive and find out why you are the only one left with your sanity, and find the cure to save what little life is left on Earth. Armed only with your chompers and your poisonous silk spinning defense mechanism you must make a perilous journey through the micro forest world and confront the source of putrid psychotic senselessness! Fight enemies and find your destiny on Territory Earth!! Along the way our Hero meets his only ally, a talking Jimson weed plant that decides to help him with healing and information. There are 3 main bosses in the game, and it rains the blood of the fallen almost constantly.

Get it HERE for Android/
Get it HERE for Windows 8+
Get it HERE for Windows 98
Check out the TUTORIAL for gameplay and walkthrough

Hello from Roadhammer Gaming, this weekend I entered the GMC Game Jam to create a video game within 72 hours, I'm proud to say I made the deadline and created an awesome game! The topic was 'Everyone is Dead'
Check it out for windows pc and laptops:

Zip file: Territory Earth

Download and unzip, The game is ready to play

The Lighbulb Caper: By Roadhammer Gaming

This video game is a free and add free and fun quest that involves
4 super heros on a crazy mission to change a lightbulb! 
Rezza turns on the switch and one of the lightbulbs burns out, 
no big deal just replace it right?
Wrong! this seemingly mudane event turns into a quest of epic
proportions to get the job done! good luck winning this game!!
Download The Lightbulb Caper for free :

Windows 8 and up

Windows 98

Get it for Android on Google Play!   

                          The Lightbulb Caper

Press enter or B to exit the main menu. Press up or down to scroll 
the menu, Press left in the main menu to go to the sound menu. 
Use arrow keys to navigate, press enter or B to change the settings.
the Menu icon takes you back to the main menu.
Game controls: 
On virtual keyboard, arrows move player & menu. 
A button = Shoot.
B button = Enter.
On a  game controller, the D-pad moves characters and menu.
B button = enter, 
A button = power up and shoot
Pressing enter does several things, here's the list: 
Change characters, all can use the light switch in the penthouse
Nash can move/throw chair, & pick up the good bulb in the cavern
Xzarr can open the bush in forest, and pick up the good bulb in the 
Press x or A button on controller / virtual pad to power up and fight.
Use arrow keys to move around
Press ESC, back, or select to end the game.
Press F4: Switches between full screen and window mode on PC.
(Window mode has minimize/maximize/quit buttons at upper right)
Walk into unlocked doors or secret caves to use them
Rezza - starting character in penthouse.
Xzarr - big green character.
Voss - little blue character.
Nash - the short orange character.


Rhg Timecard now available for Android devices on google play!

Rhg Timecard is an app for small business and work at home entrepreneurs that can
keep track of up to 12 employees hours, breaks, overtime hours, Sunday and holiday
hours, and weather or not they started work on time.
You can also use it for recording travel time, fieldwork time, or tons of other
things you need to keep a time record of.
Rhg Timecard has a unique look and employee incentive with an 'active earth' icon
in the center that moves every 1/2 hour, with the front side always representing
where on the globe 12 o'clock noon is. The hidden incentive is when you open the
app and the earth hasn't yet turned to your accustomed punch in time's position
you are still early and will be inclined to punch in before it switches.
Rhg Timecard also works in all time zones as it sets the correct time and 12 noon
positioning of the Earth animation. You can log in, punch in, then shut down the
app on your phone and even log out, but when you start RHG Timecard back up again
and log in, everything's still as it was, if you were punched in you are still
punched in, or if you were on break you will still be on break until you stop
break or punch out.
You as manager also have the ability to set all names, company names, passwords
and work start time as well as late allowance time for yourself and your employees.
Also you can view all time cards in a text file, which you can choose to print out
or view any week, or the entire year for any employee you choose as the records
will be permanently stored including year changes so you can keep your records
indefinatly. Check out the app's full description here:

Rhg Timecard for just 99 cents on Android   


Presession of the Equinoxes for windows and android

This is a small simple to use FREE AND ADD FREE app designed to show how the earth's wobble effects the position of the equator and the earth's poles over a long period of time, thus completely changing the weather patterns and the locations of glaciers and deserts around the globe.
  Everyone knows the earth spins, that is how we get day and night, but also the earth is tilted on it's axis at 21.5 degrees, and while it spins this tilt also spins, like a top winding down, but very slowly. It takes about 23,600 years for it to spin 1 time, It was discovered long ago and is directly related to the zodiac, they noticed that on the winter solstice every 2150 years that the sun rose in a different constelation, the last one occured at year 0 when we entered the constelation of Pisces and we will enter the next one, Aquarius, in the year 2150. notice that it seems backwards? well it is, and thats why it's called the Presession of the Equinoxes.  

Download Presession of the Equinoxes for Android
Download Presession of the Equinoxes for windows (all platforms)


Interplanetary Clock for Windows and Android

Version 2.0 released 1/4/16

What's New:
- fixed not being able to load included timelines for planets

- modified file system's ability to save and load large numbers accuratly

Interplanetary Clock Full version is a program that lets you view time, set alarms, timer and stopwatch with full adjustability of time for planet earth, planet mars and you can enter a timescale for any planet you chose to  input the data for.
  When Started earthtime will automatically set and sync to your position's timezone, then sync mars date/time elapsed since it's discovery date of 1873 December 29 at Greenwich noon to current date/time and set as timezone UTC. (0deg longitude) as well as syncing your new world to it's correct time.  if  Interplanetary Clock constantly ran, Interplanetary Clock should be accurate to the day for about 21,000 earth years!
  It also has usefull features like 6 alarms per earth, mars, and new world, timer and stopwatch accurate to 1/60 second for all 3 worlds, a millisecond timer for physically timing your new world should you be dropped there without information like days in year and milliseconds in day, which are the only 2 values you need to know to form a basic timescale,  even if you shut your device off it will keep track of everything you have set or are inthe process of timing.
   If you are too far from earth for a connection to the time data server or internet, if the program is shut down after losing service Interplanetary Clock will default to the last known time at the point the program was shut down and if you know the amount of time lapse from shutdown to reboot you can easily adjust it in the manual set option of the menu. There are many other customizable options and Several profiles have been included such as Ceres, Gj504b, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars & Pluto as well. You can set the time to sol or earthreal, millitary or standard, the readout from all information being displayed down to just telling you what hour it is, timezone, text color, and an info screen that tells staple facts about any of the 3 worlds, and a test result display of the last 2 day millisecond test run on your new world.

Download links for Interplanetary Clock:

Interplanetary Clock Lite pre Windows 8

Interplanetary Clock Lite Windows 8 and up

Interplanetary Clock Full pre Windows 8

Interplanetary Clock Full Windows 8 and up

Note that the free version for android has been renamed to Marstime.
Marstime for free on Android
Interplanetary Clock Full for Android

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